A Tough Pick: Personalized Baby Boy Gift

Personalized baby boy gifts are very fun to pick for a new baby or for a one year old for their first birthday. One popular baby gift for a boy or a girl is a personalized baby gift blanket. Although there are stores that specialize in this type of baby gift, where there is an assortment of blankets to choose from and they do the embroidery and wrapping right in the store that is not the only option in choosing an embroidered blanket. The first step is to search different stores for the perfect blanket that will make the best personalized baby boy gift. This blanket could be a satin material or a felt or fuzzy material in whatever color the individual likes. Often the blanket is chosen according to the colors that are used in the nursery and can also have some sort of pattern or picture on it.

Once the blanket is chosen, then the individual has to decide what she wants to have embroidered on it, whether it is just the name of the baby or if she wants to have some sort of saying or verse on it as well. Then the individual can take the blanket to any embroidery shop and have the name or saying embroidered on the blanket. Often this is the best way to have a blanket personalized for a baby boy gift because there are more choices in blankets and the embroidery is done at a store that specializes in it.

Other Choices For A Personalized Baby Boy Gift

There are other choices in personalized baby boy gifts than just blankets. There are stools that are used so that the boy can reach toys or the toilet at a later date and can be decorated with designs and the name of the child. In addition, there are different toys that can be personalized for a baby boy gift, such as a rocking horse or a little chair. Piggy banks are another option that look really cute in the nursery and can be personalized to match the color of the nursery and the baby boy’s nursery.

Besides blankets, toys and furniture, there are also pieces of clothing that can be personalized for a baby boy’s gift. Little shirts and pants can be embroidered with the boy’s name and patterns. Bibs are another popular item to be personalized with the name and sayings that fit the baby boy. Dedication or baptism clothing are also popular personalized baby boy gifts since they mark a once in a lifetime occasion for the little one. There are also plaques and pictures that can be personalized with the baby’s name and hung in the nursery.