Choosing A Unique Baby Shower Gift

A baby shower is usually given a few weeks before the due date of the expectant mother. In many cases of baby showers, the mother to be is unaware of the preparations as it may be a surprise for her from her close friends and relatives. Invited guests are friends and relatives, usually females although there are males whoa re invited in some occasions.

Choosing a unique baby shower gift can be trying especially if there is no definite idea if the soon to come out baby is a boy or girl. In cases where gender of the newborn is still to be confirmed, gift givers should choose a unique baby shower gift with neutral colors such as yellow and cream. The lucky ones who already have a fair idea what the gender of the newborn will be should choose according to what the parents and the child need, not what they think is best.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Boys

Boys can be difficult to shop for compared to girls. Gift givers need to be vigilant to be able to look for a unique baby shower gift for a baby boy. Some unique baby shower gifts that may suit a baby boy are heirloom gifts such as rosaries, silver spoons and dining items. Other items that may be considered as unique baby shower gifts are gift baskets containing baby supplies for the coming baby. Boys are generally given blue or green colored baby supplies such as baby bottles and diapers.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Girls

Baby girls are great to shop for because there are so many things that make a unique baby shower gift for them. Unique gifts for girls, and even boys, are heirloom type snow globes while music boxes are more for girls. Silver or fine china dining sets are also great for a unique baby shower gift.

Wrapping The Unique Baby Shower Gift

The gift wrap can also help to make the gift a unique baby shower gift. Wrapping a baby shower gift can be so much fun because the possibilities are endless. Scrapbooking supplies and embellishments are great for use in creating a unique baby shower gift. A baby shower gift bag can also suffice as a wrapper for a baby shower gift. In some cases, wrapping the gift yourself will make it more heartfelt since the recipient is sure to know if you add little things that make the gift unique.