Cool And Unique Baby Shower Gift Set Ideas

If one of your friends is the first to have a baby in your circle of friends it can be difficult to choose a baby shower gift set. If you know that the new mom does not want all cute little outfits and is need of some cool, unusual, or quirky baby gifts then it can be difficult to choose something suitable. Nothing beats practicality so think of baby shower gift sets that will see a lot of use instead of just choosing something that looks cute. At the same time don’t forget your friend’s personality.

Baby Shower Gift – Rock Star Lullabies

If a new mom you know loves rock and roll and listens to all the rock greats then you can’t go wrong with the lullaby versions of old rock favorites. Buy the lullaby version of The Beatles, U2, and even Metallica! This is definitely an unusual baby shower gift set that will be much appreciated on those nights when baby won’t drop off to sleep right away. Choose a selection to give the new mom lots of choice when trying to put baby to sleep.

Baby Shower Gift – Crib Toys

Keeping a new baby stimulated and entertained is not always easy, sometimes new moms need a little help in this department. Crib toys make great baby shower gift sets as they help a child’s development as well as add color to a nursery. Mobiles are also another great baby shower gift set; they are often gender neutral so you don’t have to worry if it’s for a girl or baby boy gift set.

Baby Shower Gift – Blankets

Baby blankets are a must for newborns that need to be wrapped up tightly for that warm, secure feeling they’ve been used to for the last nine months. There are assortments of patterns that you can pick out to swaddle a new baby in. some blankets also come with matching caps.

Food Processor

If you would like to splurge on a close friend who is about to have a baby or would like to share a very practical present with some friends then an ideal baby shower gift set would be a baby food maker. The Beaba Babycook food processor is available from Williams-Sonoma and steams, defrosts, reheats, and blends food.

Perfect for busy moms who would like to make sure that baby gets only the best and healthiest food. Ideal if you know your friend does not want to buy commercial baby food. This cooks meat and vegetables; it is the only machine a new mom will need to cook for baby.