Interesting Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you are attending a baby shower in the near future, you are probably trying to think of a unique and interesting baby shower gift idea. It is always fun to find a gift that the mom to be truly enjoys, and you do not want your gift to simply be another gift that she receives. A new baby gift idea or a baby shower gift idea can be difficult to think of. Below are some interesting baby shower gift ideas to help you find something to give the mom to be.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Diaper Cake

One great and interesting baby shower gift idea is a diaper cake. This is a “layered cake” made up of diapers. You can put larger diapers for the bottom layer, medium for the middle, and small for the top. That way the new mom has various sizes of diapers for when the baby gets larger. You can also put things like shampoo, lotion, clothes, diaper pins, or anything that a new mom might need in the diaper cake. If you need help assembling it, look online for directions. If you are not very handy, you can simply purchase a diaper cake from a company that specializes in baby shower gifts and ideas. However, know that if you purchase a diaper cake it will probably be expensive.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Gift Baskets

A great baby shower gift idea is a gift basket. This is a great idea because you can really personalize it and make it unique and interesting for the mom to be. A great baby shower gift idea is to make two baskets: one for the baby and one for the mom to be. For the mom to be you could put in some maternity tops, maternity pants, a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure, gift certificates to the hair salon, or any other item that would pamper the mom to be.

To make this a really great baby shower gift idea make sure to include things that would really surprise the mom to be—like a gift certificate for a prenatal massage! For the baby’s gift basket you could follow any theme that you want to. You could make a sleep themed gift basket with swaddling blankets, soothing lotion, a music player, pajamas, and binkies or pacifiers. You could also make a bath themed gift basket with soap, shampoo, hooded towels, washcloths, and bath toys.

Whatever you do, the best baby shower gift idea is something that you put thought into and really choose based on the individual.