Unique Baby Gift Ideas

If someone you know is having a baby, chances are you are looking for a baby gift. You may have looked at the gift registry of the mom to be, but you could not find anything that really screamed “unique baby gift idea” to you. Instead of finding a baby gift idea off of the registry, try thinking of your own unique baby gift ideas.

Baby Shower Gifts

If you want to find a unique baby shower gift idea, here are some ideas. First, you could put together a gift basket. A gift basket is a great baby gift idea, especially for a baby shower. For a baby shower, you could put a number of items in a baby gift basket. You could put some maternity tops in for the mom and some baby clothes for the baby, or you could fill the basket with strictly baby gift ideas. You could put feeding items like bottles and spoons in, or sleeping items like binkies or pacifiers and swaddling blankets. A baby shower gift basket is a great baby gift idea because you can put many little gifts in there to create one large gift.

New Baby Gifts

A baby shower is not the only time that you can give a gift to the new baby or the new parents. After the baby is born is a great time think of some baby gift ideas for the new arrival. You could still put together a basket, but now you will know more of what to put in it. You will know how the new mom is feeding the baby—formula or breastfeeding. With formula feeding you can make a basket with bottles, burp cloths, diapers, and gift certificates to buy formula. With breastfeeding you can make a basket with burp clothes, a breast pump, breast pads, and nursing bras. This type of basket is an invaluable baby gift idea for the new mom!

Baby Gift Ideas

There are plenty of other great baby gift ideas out there, too. You could purchase special outfits for the baby. You could find some unique items like cute hats or jackets for the little one. Another great baby gift idea is diapers. Diapers are always needed with a new baby! Find out whether or not they are cloth diapering before you buy any diapers. If they are cloth diapering, find some quality cloth diapers for a baby gift idea. If they are using disposable diapers, purchase some in smaller and larger sizes.

Now that you have several new baby gift ideas, you should be well on your way to finding the perfect baby gift!