What is a Good Creative Baby Shower Gift Idea?

Coming up with a creative baby shower gift can certainly seem impossible, since it seems as though everything has already been done before a million times. Of course it is the thought that matters, but so you can make sure that you do not get the couple a gift they already have, you want to think of a really great, creative baby shower gift that is going to blow their minds and make them super happy.

The baby gift basket is one that is done time and time again, same with flower bouquets. So what is a creative baby shower gift idea that is unusual and a whole lot of fun?

Creative Baby Shower Gift – White Noise Machine

This is a great creative baby shower gift, one that every parent will really appreciate – once they understand what it is. Even parents of more than one child have often never heard of this before, but it is something that will definitely be useful having around the home when you have a newborn baby.

What a white noise machine is, is a machine that blocks noises coming from the rest of the house, so that baby can get the sleep that they need. Especially if you have older children who like to run and yell a lot, this is ideal because it will ensure that when you put baby down for a nap they will be able to get some peace and quiet rather than paying attention to the noises going on outside of their room.

They can vary in intensity, which is the average rate of flow of energy per unit perpendicular to the direction of propagation, and one natural creator of these sounds are waterfalls.

Creative Baby Shower Gift – Cotton Gloves

This is another creative baby shower gift idea, one that not many people think of so you will probably be safe with it. Newborns do not have control of their hands and their nails at first will be too tiny for you to keep cut so you want to protect them by using cotton gloves. Getting this as a gift for an expecting parent is a great idea, and you can explain to them what the gloves are for if you have to.

These little gloves cost next to nothing and will keep baby’s face from getting all scratched up, which is something that no parent ever wants to see.

Any of these would be a fantastic idea, and a great gift to bring to your loved one’s baby shower to show them that you care and you are looking forward to welcoming the baby into the world.