What is the Best Baby Shower Gift Ever?

You have probably gone to more than one baby shower in your life, so buying little gifts here and there is no big deal. But when it comes to that someone special in your life, like your best friend, of course you are going to want to make sure that you get them the best baby shower gift ever.

Best Baby Shower Gift – Baby Shower Message Camera

If you want to get the best baby shower gift you can, check out this baby shower message camera. This is a really creative baby shower gift and actually was just released this year. What better way to start off a baby’s life than with this great camera? With it the parents can take pictures of their cute little bundle of joy, and never have to miss a single moment.

This is a preloaded flash camera that has 24 exposures and 400 speed ASA/ISO film. The back of the camera has the frame numbers with captions that will show on the bottom of the developed pictures, so you can pick and choose and make sure that you take the right pictures per caption.

It is not only a great way to capture the pregnancy and beginning of baby’s life, but as well a whole lot of fun to do.

Best Baby Shower Gift – Baby Shower Cookie Cutter

Another great best baby shower gift idea is this baby shower cookie cutter. Every baby deserves to have a nice big, warm welcome into the world, and this gift will help to do that. You may even want to give ready to make cookie dough with them as well, so that mom will have everything she needs to start baking. Each set comes with three different cookie cutters in shapes that are perfect for baby.

Carter’s Baby Girl Baby Shower Deluxe Party Gift

Now if you know that the baby is a girl and you really want to get the best baby shower gift, take a look at this, the Carter’s Baby Girl Baby Shower Deluxe Party Gift. This kit includes square inner plates, square dessert plates, paper cups, lunch napkins, cutlery, plastic tablecover, decorating kit, balloons, foil balloons, streams, and curling ribbons.

What better way to welcome baby into the world? The parents will surely appreciate this because it comes included with everything they need to have a party for their baby girl.

These are all great gift ideas and remember that the most important thing here is that you are putting thought into it and helping the parents welcome their little baby.