A World of Options: Infertility and Adoption Support

When a couple embarks on the journey of infertility, the ultimate goal is obviously to build a family through the addition of children. In some cases, this goal will be achieved through medications or treatments that will lead to a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. In other situations, this goal may not be met as easily and some couples will realize that having a child is more important to them than having a biological child. Many of these couples will begin to weigh their choices in adoption, which is why infertility and adoption support so often go hand in hand.

Finding Resolution

There are compelling reasons to look for infertility and adoption support when a couple begins considering adopting a child. Before the adoption process can be started, a couple needs to resolve their feelings about their inability to have a biological child. For some, this is an easy transition that doesn’t require much grieving time – perhaps because the couple has been exposed to the adoption process through other family members or maybe has been adopted themselves. For others, time will need to be spent working through the feelings of loss that typically accompany the infertility process so the couple can embrace the adoption process without any regret. Infertility and adoption support can help a couple do just that.

Types of Adoption

Another reason to consult an infertility and adoption support group for this critical decision is to help a couple work through the many different types of adoption to find the best one for their family. Some couples will opt for a domestic infant adoption, which usually entails meeting the biological mother face to face before the birth of the baby and maybe even forging a long term relationship with her. Since the idea of open adoption is a scary one to many couples new to the process, it is a good idea to talk to an infertility and adoption support group that can help put those fears to rest.

Other couples choose an international adoption, which involves adopting a child from another country. While parents are working with an orphanage in many cases rather than a biological parent, it can be very intimidating to work with another country on such a personal transaction. Infertility and adoption support groups can advise couples on what they need to know before working with the different countries that provide this adoption option. They can also offer emotional support as couples go through the long and often difficult wait before they can travel overseas to get their child.

Adoption is one way that many couples choose to resolve their infertility challenge and build their family. An infertility and adoption support group can help with every step of the process.