Catholic Infertility Support Provides Answers to Tough Questions

Infertility is an emotional roller coaster ride filled with many doctors, procedures and treatments along the way. But what do you do when the treatments your doctor is recommending go against your spiritual and moral belief system? This is where Catholic infertility support comes into play; providing answers to some of the toughest biblical questions in regard to the infertility process. In addition, Catholic infertility support can provide the empathy and emotional assistance that couples need to make it through the infertility cycle with their marriage – and their sanity – intact.

Tough Choices For Catholic Infertility Support

The infertility process follows a basic protocol for most couples. Doctors will begin with the basic workup to see if they can pinpoint the cause of the problem. If a specific problem with either the husband or wife can be identified and diagnosed, the treatment options will be fairly straightforward. However, in cases where a specific issue is not found, treatments generally begin with the noninvasive, becoming more technical and invasive as the process goes on. It is in some of these circumstances that Catholics may find they are not comfortable with the medical answers to infertility after a certain point in the process. And this is where Catholic infertility support can step in to help supply answers and point couples in a direction that will help them see success within the confines of their belief system.

For example, many in the Catholic faith do not feel comfortable with procedures like in vitro fertilization, also known as IVF. If a couple ends up at the point where they must make a decision about IVF there are a couple of issues to consider. First, many doctors like to fertilize and replant as many eggs as possible to up the odds of success. If more than one egg transforms into a viable fetus, a choice must be made as to whether to remove some of the fetuses from the womb. This process, known as selective reduction, is not acceptable to most Catholics. In this case, a Catholic infertility support group can give a couple the courage to deal with IVF on their own terms, or bypass it entirely and explore other options.

More Catholic Infertility Support Alternatives

Another option for many Catholic couples in the midst of infertility treatment is adoption. Once a couple gets to the point where they are no longer comfortable with the prescribed medical procedures, a Catholic infertility support group can guide that couple into infertility and adoption support to help them build their family in this way. Some Catholic organizations even provide their own adoption services for couples in the faith to use. This option is just one more reason to explore Catholic infertility support when a couple is setting off on the winding, frustrating and sometimes painful road of infertility.