Female Factor Infertility: What Causes It?

Female factor infertility is clearly defined as the part of a woman in a partnership or couple of which she is the factor that causes the prevention of conception. There are not a lot of causes to female factor infertility and two of these are the most prevalent. Cervical factor infertility and tubal factor infertility both mean that the female factor infertility may be caused by either of the two aspects of a woman reproductive system. Both aspects cite two different parts of the female reproductive system and both these parts are likely problem areas.

A female infertility test can help the doctor seek out the main cause or problem regarding female factor infertility. Most of these tests may be tedious and intrusive for some women. Female factor infertility can be quite a blow to the woman as she may perceived the inability to conceive or carry a baby to term as a blight to her being a woman. Both cervical and tubal factor infertility are just two of the possible reasons to female factor infertility and testing should not be limited to these only.

Cervical Female Factor Infertility

This aspect of female factor infertility points to a woman cervix as a possible contributor to the infertility problem that the woman may have. There are two possible reasons of which the cervix may contribute to female factor infertility. The first is that both the cervix and the uterus may have some problem nourishing the fetus as well as accepting it into the folds of the womb. The other cervical factor infertility cause is that there is not much mucus present in the area to promote longer life for the sperm cells. Both possibilities may need the intervention of medicines or hormone related treatments to help normalize the situation.

Tubal Female Factor Infertility

This form of infertility is indicative of damage or blockage to the fallopian tubes. A pelvic exam is necessary to diagnose the woman for her female factor infertility. In most cases of this cause of female factor infertility, the woman’s fallopian tubes may have some form of scarring or blockages which prevent the safe transport of female eggs to the uterus. There are some medical procedures that can help to resolve this problem which may be the cause of female factor infertility.

Female factor infertility is a major concern for both sides of a couple. Resolution of this problem may be easy or difficult depending on the causes of the problem.