How to Find an Infertility Support Group

When you are having difficulty conceiving the baby of your dreams, it can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. One way that many couples choose to deal with the infertility process is with the help of an infertility support group. These organizations are made up of people who have gone before you in the world of infertility and some who are still in the thick of the process, with the same concerns and frustrations that you are feeling. An infertility support group can provide information to help you make the necessary decisions throughout the infertility process and emotional support that will get you through the process as easily as possible. If you have received an infertility diagnosis from your doctor and are heading into this scary and sometimes painful cycle, it is time to find an infertility support group to help you through.

Resolve Infertility Support Group

Resolve is a national infertility support group that was established in 1974. According to the Resolve website, this organization is committed to “timely, compassionate support to people who are experiencing infertility.” Resolve has chapters throughout the United States that provide local groups the emotional support and information necessary to help couples dealing with infertility. In addition to the local infertility support groups, Resolve provides information on a national level to the media and the general public to educate them about the issues facing those dealing with infertility. These issues might include insurance concerns, adoption challenges and working with doctors effectively.

Infertility Support Group Doctors

Another good source for finding an infertility support group is your doctor’s office. This is especially true if you are working with a specialist in the field of infertility, with an entire office of patients dealing with the same issues you are currently grappling with. Some doctors will even organize their own infertility support group by uniting a group of patients that are facing the same diagnosis. This can be an easy way to find other couples who are in a similar situation to yours, allowing you a forum to exchange concerns, fears and questions. If your doctor does not have access to information about a local infertility support group, your local hospital might have that information available as well. If a Christian infertility support is your goal, your church or another in your neighborhood might have the resources you need.

An infertility support group can be an invaluable source to help you survive this very challenging time of life. Whether you contact your local Resolve chapter or head to your doctor’s office or local hospital for information, the time you spend to find an infertility support group is guaranteed to be time well spent.