Know Which States Do And Do Not Have Infertility Insurance Mandate

Infertility insurance mandate requires that a law is in force in a state that requires that different health insurance companies be forced into offering cover for infertility treatment and diagnosis. In fact, infertility insurance mandate requires that health insurance companies insure all of their policyholders against cost of treatment and diagnosis of infertility. What’s more, at present there are thirteen states in the US where infertility insurance mandate is in force and among these thirteen states you can include California, Connecticut, Texas, Arkansas, Hawaii, Illinois and Maryland as too Massachusetts, Montana, and New York. Even Ohio, Rhode Island as well as West Virginia also have infertility insurance mandates in place.

State Of California

Besides these states, there are a few other states too that are considering legislating infertility insurance mandates and among these states are Florida, Maine, Indiana, New Hampshire, Nevada and Michigan. The state of California however already has infertility insurance mandate that requires that health insurance companies offer cover for diagnosis and treatment of infertility though IVF is not covered.

Connecticut has infertility insurance mandate that have the same provisions as are found in California, and the same goes for Texas. Arkansas, on the other hand, excludes HMOs and the cap for lifetime benefits stands at fifteen thousand dollars. Hawaii has its own infertility insurance mandate in which the cover is restrictive though a single IVF cycle too is covered.

The infertility insurance mandate applicable in Illinois is most comprehensive and it includes cover for as many as 4 IVF procedures for first birth and two for second birth. In addition, there are also group policies included for companies that employ twenty-five or fewer employees. Maryland has its own policies that include diagnosis as well as treatment and IVF procedures too are covered. In addition, group policies are also in force for companies having fifty or fewer employees.

Massachusetts has a very comprehensive infertility insurance mandate while Montana requires HMOs to cover for infertility. In the case of New York the mandate deals with providing cover for medical conditions (correctible) regardless of whether the treatment is for infertility or fertility diagnosis.

When looking for suitable infertility insurance company you would do well to look for those that are based in states in which infertility insurance mandates are in force. However, even then many of these companies have started to raise the costs of getting infertility insurance which means that you will need to considerable research and comparison shopping in order to get the best deal.