The Most Obvious Female Infertility Symptom

Infertility can happen to both male and female individuals. There are many different male and female infertility symptoms which should alert the individual of his or her condition. The most obvious female infertility symptom is actually not being able to conceive a child. The definition of infertility states that it is a state in which a person has been trying for a year or so to conceive without any desired results. Infertility can actually affect a man as well and there are many different tests to see where the problem may lie between a couple trying to conceive a child.

Female Infertility Signs And Symptoms

Other than the very clear female infertility symptom which is to have no conception after a lengthy time trying to do so, there are also other female infertility symptoms which can tip a woman off regarding what may be the cause of her infertility.

Hormones are primarily one of the things that may cause a female infertility symptom or two to be more noticeable. Hormones practically run the human body to the extent that it helps it grow and reproduce. This can also be a female factor to infertility because an imbalance to the very delicate settings of most hormones can have far reaching effects. Not only is female infertility a symptom of hormones gone awry but there are also other symptoms which can be connected to infertility due to hormones. Excessive hair growth and weight gain or loss are signs that a person is undergoing hormonal imbalance.

Injuries and damages to the female reproductive system can also manifest themselves in physical ways. One female infertility symptom caused by injuries or damage to reproductive parts and organs is an irregular menstrual period. Endometriosis is another female infertility symptom which causes the menstrual cycle to go awry or be quite painful. Infections can also cause some form of damage to the female reproductive system, enough to be the cause of infertility. Recurrent infections such as urinary tract infections and yeast infections can cause damage to the sensitive reproductive system.

One other female infertility symptom is a bloated abdomen or anywhere near the pelvic region or the groin. This can signify some form of growth, which may have blocked or affected the reproductive system of the woman. Fibroid growths are usually no cancerous but need to be taken out to promote conception and no pain during intercourse.

Female infertility symptoms can be easy to detect if one knows what to look for. The thing is that not all symptoms may lead to infertility because there are other conditions which may also manifest some of these symptoms.