Teach Your Child That Teenage Pregnancies Are Life Changing Events

Any teen going through the public or private school system has likely been exposed in some way or another to sex education. During this sex education, the teens will hopefully learn about teen pregnancy facts. It’s unfortunate that teenage pregnancies are growing in occurrence. More teens are getting pregnant than at any other time in history. Teens are maturing faster, they’re reaching puberty faster, the media is saturated with sexual themes and that’s not even mentioning peer pressure and temptation that often leads to teens having sex. Teenage pregnancies do not have to happen, however. The teens of this era need to be educated. They need to be taught that teenage pregnancies are life changing events.

Teaching Your Teen

You can spend all day talking about birth control pills, condoms, abstinence and the birds in the bees until you’re blue in the face and it’s likely not going to do any good. Oh sure, your teen will learn a lot and that education can help him or her prevent teenage pregnancies; but will they actually use what you teach them? When it comes down to sex, sometimes the temptation is so great that birth control is the furthest thing from their minds. Even if birth control is available, it’s hard to stop to put on a condom or to think rationally that teenage pregnancies result from such unsafe behavior. Instead of talking about birth control and condoms and safe sex and abstinence, teach your child just how much his or her life will change if they happen to experience teenage pregnancy first hand.

Life On Hold

A woman who experiences teenage pregnancy will have to endure nine months of her body changing more than it already is due to puberty. Mood swings will be worse than they already are and that can make going to school very difficult. While other teens are out with their friends having fun, your teen will have to stay home to nurse her sore feet or back and she’ll have to spend time preparing for the baby’s arrival. Once the baby arrives because of the teenage pregnancy, your teen’s life is going to change drastically. Taking care of an infant is a full time job. It’s not like a dog where you can just stick it in a cage while you go to school or work. There’s day care, babysitting, feeding, waking up in the middle of the night and much more. Sure, it’s a very rewarding experience and childbirth is a miracle but teenage pregnancies essentially rob a young person of his or her youth.

Taking Responsibility

If the teen is male, teenage pregnancies will affect his life as well. He will have to take financial responsibility for the child. If he doesn’t, he can be taken to court and he can have his wages garnished.

If you put the teenage pregnancy issue to your teen like that, your teen will be less likely to get pregnant or get someone else pregnant.