Teen Pregnancy Is A Growing Problem

Why are teen pregnancy statistics going through the roof? Why are more teens having babies, which is essentially described as babies having babies? There are a few theories as to why teen pregnancy is so out of control. Some blame the media, TV and movies, where young girls, and young men, are constantly exposed to sex and sexually charged subjects. Some people blame the lack of values in today’s youth. Some blame the parents for not having the birds and the bees talk, as they used to call it, to educate their young ones about the dangers of getting pregnant so young. Whatever the reason, teen pregnancy is out of control but the trend can be reversed.

Teen Pregnancy – Parents And Teachers

Young people need to be taught about sex and about pregnancy so that they are well educated on the subject. The more teens know about sex and pregnancy, the more likely they are to use protection or to abstain from sex to prevent teen pregnancy. Now, there are always going to be those parents and teachers who don’t want to talk about sex with their teens and they definitely don’t want to talk to them about birth control because that’s basically giving them a license to have sex in their eyes. These parents and teachers need to realize that teenagers are inherently curious, especially about their changing bodies and hormones, and young men and women are going to experiment. One of the main things they will experiment with is sex.

The Teenage Years And Teen Pregnancy

Any parent who has raised a teenager knows that teaching them anything is not an easy thing to do. The teenage years become the time when you want to separate yourself from your parents as much as possible. Your body’s changing, your hormones are raging and suddenly your appearance and your image become everything. Some teens rebel, and this can also account for much of the teen pregnancy these days, but some are able to keep themselves together and remain responsible. The responsible ones all have something in common: They all have great relationships with their families and they all respect themselves.

If you can instill this responsibility and self respect in your teen, whether you’re a parent, a teacher or just a friend of the family, that teen will be less likely to be affected by teen pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, it’s a miracle, but it’s something that should wait until adulthood, when the person knows who they are and where they’re going. This is both for the sake of the parents and for the innocent child.