Back Pain After Childbirth: An Unfortunate Discomfort

Back pain after childbirth is unwelcome but it is also a fact that mothers will have to deal with. This is especially distressing because most mothers that have just given birth to a child will certainly look forward to being able to hold their newborns in their arms but may be forced not to because of the back pain after childbirth. This pain can strain the shoulders as well as wrists and even the arms and in fact back pain after childbirth becomes more pronounced whenever a mother that has just given birth to a newborn bends over and leans to bathe or feed the infant.

Back Pain After Childbirth: Lots Of Anxiety

This back pain after childbirth can give rise to a lot of anxiety in the minds of new mothers and things won’t be helped much if the pain that was felt during childbirth continues after childbirth. Sometimes, such pain might not leave you for several months following childbirth and so is one more reason to be worried.

The plain truth is that between forty and fifty percent of expectant mothers will feel lower back pain during pregnancy and this might then also develop into serious back pain after childbirth. It seems that there is no getting around the fact that childbirth and back pain are closely interlinked and in fact, virtually every second pregnant mother will start experiencing such pain during pregnancy.

What’s more, women that have experienced back pain during pregnancy are more likely to suffer back pain after childbirth. There are three distinct types of back pain after childbirth that is worth looking closely at: lower back pain, sacroiliac pain as well as pain in the pelvic area. In addition, mothers might also experience nighttime pain as well.

The best way to ensure that you can negotiate back pain after childbirth is to try and maintain the right posture at all times, especially, neutral spinal posture. It also means changing from using high heels to wearing low heel and comfortable shoes and being very careful in how you lift your child or other objects. Also, it pays to sit as comfortable as possible preferably with feet in a resting position on the floor rather than allowing them to dangle.

There are several methods that an expectant mother can use in order to obtain natural childbirth pain relief. Natural childbirth is obviously the best for the yet-to-born baby and in addition it is also ideally suited for the mother as well. It just requires learning how to cope with the associated pain and then you can have a safe and relatively painless natural childbirth.