Does Your Child Know The Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy?

The main reason why teens are getting pregnant at an increasingly higher rate is due to a lack of education. Teens these days just don’t think about the consequences of teenage pregnancy. They don’t get that their actions today affect their lives tomorrow. You need to teach your kids and instill in them the need to respect themselves and their bodies. There are various consequences of teenage pregnancy that are no fun at all. These include lack of social life, diminishing of personal funds, lack of educational future, at least for a while and more. Tell them that teenage pregnancy help is available, even if they’re not pregnant, so that they can learn as much as possible in order to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy Is Lack Of Social Life

Teenagers are known for wanting to go out with their friends on weekends and after school during the week. One of the consequences of teenage pregnancy is lack of social life. When their friends are going to parties or hanging out with the rest of their inner group, your teenager will have to stay home with the baby. When your teen’s friends are going to prom, your teen will likely have to be home with the baby. Think of all the social situations the teen will miss out on, and let them see the situation that way, and this consequence of teenage pregnancy will really hit home with them.

Consequences Of Teenage Pregnancy:Money

Most teenagers are broke, and some don’t even work. With teenage pregnancy, however, this isn’t even an option. Your teenager will need to go out and get a job in order to support their new addition to their family. It shouldn’t be the teen’s parent’s responsibility to raise the kid and pay for the kid. The teen should make money and support the new baby and this will likely mean that the teen won’t have money left over for anything ‘fun’. This is another consequence of teenage pregnancy that should really hit home.

There are many other consequences of teenage pregnancy but if you really nail into their brains the consequences that will affect them the most and the hardest, they will hopefully refrain from engaging in the risky behavior that causes teenage pregnancy. Hopefully, by teaching your teen and really talking to them seriously about their actions and the consequences of those actions, you can help them to keep their future as open as possible.