Can You Get Pregnant While Menstruating? The Insights

There are many women who still do not know for sure whether they can get pregnant while on their periods or not. This concern is not uncommon and it is vital that you look at both angles to this issue. The two things to consider are, can one get pregnant when they have sex while menstruating and second, consider whether bleeding can occur that resembles menstruation but is really not. Both issues above are affirmative as it is possible to bleed while pregnant and conceive when you have sex while menstruating as this article states. The most important thing to remember is that conception and pregnancy are possible no matter what time of the month it is and you need to learn how to deal with such challenges.

Getting pregnant is very possible when you have sex during menstruation and this is because of the following. Pregnancy or conception occurs when there is fertilization of the egg and this can happen when it is in the fallopian tubes and also in the uterus. In many cases, fertilization will happen in the fallopian tubes also called oviducts but if it makes its way towards the uterus, it can still get fertilized. When the egg is in preparation to leave the female body through bleeding the presence of sperm can cause fertilization and this is how pregnancy occurs during menstruation.

After the union, the zygote will seek to implant along the uterine wall so as to develop. Once implantation has occurred, hormones will be triggered to make the necessary preparations of the process of gestation. Some bleeding can occur at this time and many will think they are having their normal periods as usual. Bleeding will not rule out pregnancy and it is vital to confirm this with test results. The process of ovulation can cause this bleeding and women should know that even with bleeding occurring, chances of pregnancy are high.

Therefore, if one has unprotected sex during their period then pregnancy is possible. Therefore, if it is not in your plans to conceive, it will be wise to be safe rather than sorry. There is much more than pregnancy to worry about with unprotected sex because you will be exposed to STIs as well. Also, it is good to mention that sperm is able to survive in the female body for up to 3 days and sometimes longer. This goes to show that it is possible for fertilization and pregnancy to occur when you least expect.