Pregnancy after Forty

These days, many women are putting off pregnancy to later age due to several reasons including relationship concerns and career. However, the odds of getting pregnant are much lower as women age, and after 45, it is practically impossible to get pregnant with own eggs. Delay in motherhood could be because of careers or relationships not working out, but medical reasons leave many women with the dilemma of getting pregnant in their forties. If you are over forty, and trying to conceive, discontinue the contraception, and you may notice some irregularities in your monthly cycle.

Though there are several dangers and complications associated with late pregnancy, there are many women who have countered all the roadblock to have a baby in the later stages of their lives. At this age, the fertility rates of women are much lower, and if after many attempts, the woman is not able to conceive, the couple should consider other options. The main area of concern if trying to become pregnant after 40 is the higher chances of genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. Though it is almost impossible to get pregnant with your own eggs after the age of 45, the fact remains that women at that age do get pregnant, some naturally, and others with the help of fertility treatments.

Some of the most common feelings of a woman are denial, fear and frustration. Waiting to have children has some financial benefits, and working women save enough money every year for their kids, and are also more likely to return to their jobs after maternity leave, offering more financial security. When women are in their forties, they are financially secure and feel more comfortable in their career. Aged women have positive perceptions of their bodies, and can tolerate the symptoms of pregnancy more easily.

Being more relaxed and confident is a big plus for the motherhood, and having more life experience under your belt brings maturity and better parenting skills. As these moms usually are more connected to their employers, they are more likely to go back to their job part-time rather than quitting altogether. Women must also be aware that there are chances of losing the child after undergoing the amniocentesis test, hence must carefully weigh the pros and cons of this test. Women who lead unhealthy lifestyle are likely to develop more complications during pregnancy and childbirth, and they will have to be carefully monitored by their health professional.

Tubal ligation reversal increases the chances of having the natural pregnancy after 40.