Early Pregnancy Diet

Fortunately, your early pregnancy diet can play a role in helping you overcome morning sickness or at least let it affect you a little less. Don’t expect a magical disappearance of morning sickness symptoms following an early pregnancy diet but do at least expect that by making the effort, you will feel a little better. Snacks are a Morning Sickness Sufferer’s Savior

What is the first thing you should do after waking up? Snack. Take your time when you get out of bed because rushing to start the day will only aggravate your nausea. The key to an early pregnancy diet that combats nausea is constant snacking. Don’t eat junk food however. Leave stashes of saltine crackers by your bed, in your car, and anywhere else you frequently find yourself. Other good snacks known to curb nausea are lemons, anything containing ginger (ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger snaps), pretzels, and popsicles.

Never Let Yourself Get Too Hungry or Too Full

An early pregnancy diet that will help you kick nausea to the curb consists of plenty of fluid intake. Don’t drink water while you eat because it can make your nausea worse but do drink water a half hour prior to eating and a half hour afterwards. Make sure to stay hydrated all day by drinking plenty of water because this helps you from getting too hungry. Eat small meals throughout the day rather than scarfing down a plate of food at once. If you let yourself get too full, you will have more nausea. Also avoid napping after eating, as sick as you may feel. It can worsen the symptoms of morning sickness.

Food to Avoid to prevent Morning Sickness

An early pregnancy diet should consist of healthy, balanced meals but to prevent yourself from feeling more nauseous than necessary, avoid foods that make you feel ill when you smell them or see them, no matter how healthy they are. Don’t eat or cook foods that have a strong odor or flavor; the blander, the better. Try to avoid cooking if possible because during pregnancy you are very sensitive to smell and the smells in the kitchen can worsen your nausea. Spicy and greasy foods can aggravate nausea as well.

Morning sickness may be inevitable for many pregnant women but by following a good early pregnancy diet, you can lessen the symptoms and feel a little bit more like yourself. By doing so, the early months of your pregnancy will be easier and pass by more quickly and before you know it, you will be well into your second trimester and feeling great.