How to Identify a Sign of Pregnancy

The best way to determine if you are pregnant is through a pregnancy test done at home or in a doctor’s office. However, there are ways to recognize a sign of pregnancy that may occur before a period is missed or a test is taken. In the case of teen pregnancy, these signs may not be recognized or they may be ignored due to stress. Many teens that find themselves in this situation have a hard time coping and will opt to deny the possibility until much later in the pregnancy term.

It is also possible that what is considered to be a sign of pregnancy in many cases is really just a symptom of stress or increased activity level. For example, young women who are under severe strain caused by the demands of school or friends may experience nausea and changes in appetite. It is also true that serious training for a sport can cause a woman to miss periods. However, barring unusual circumstances, theses signs of pregnancy may at least be a signal to make an appointment with your doctor or perform a pregnancy test at home. The sooner a pregnancy is diagnosed, the sooner a teen and her family can weight the options available to her.

Symptoms of Teen Pregnancy
The symptoms of pregnancy in a teen are similar to those that an adult will experience. The primary sign of pregnancy is a missed period, although this can occur for other reasons as well. Other symptoms might include nausea, fatigue and swollen breasts. Parents may notice changes in eating habits as food aversions or cravings kick in, often during the first trimester. Increased urination is another sign of pregnancy that can occur in the early weeks.

Some teens may ignore the early sign of pregnancy, and will then be forced to deal with the situation when the later symptoms begin to appear. These might include an enlarged abdomen as the baby grows, weight gain or loss in some cases and headaches and backaches. The movement of the baby may begin to be more obvious, as small movements and fluttering known as “quickening” will evolve into full fledges kicks and punches from inside. A pregnancy “mask” may appear on the face as the hormones affect the melanin in the skin and food cravings may increase.

If you suspect that you are pregnant, it is important not to ignore the sign of pregnancy that is occurring. A pregnancy test can easily confirm your suspicion so that you can begin weighing your options and make decisions that are right for you and your baby. Seek out help from parents and support groups that can help you understand your options and give you the support and guidance you need to get through this difficult time.