Some Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Might not Think About

Many women don’t think about the possibility of being pregnant until after the period is missed and the test is taken. At that time, many early pregnancy symptoms may begin to make an appearance to confirm what is already known through the body’s own response to the many changes taking place. Some of these early pregnancy symptoms may appear long before the period is missed. However, many women won’t notice the signs at first, because they are not obtrusive enough to warrant much attention. By the time a woman hits the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy however, these early signs might be difficult to ignore.

What’s up with Food?
Food aversions and cravings are common early pregnancy symptoms, but many women are surprised by how early these signs appear. When you look at charts of pregnancy symptoms week by week, these symptoms often show up much later in the term. However, challenges with different types of food can begin very early in the first trimester and will sometimes continue on throughout the pregnancy. In some cases, the aversions or craving may fluctuate slightly, so a woman who is craving one type of food during the first few months may switch to a completely different craving later on.

One of the reasons for these early pregnancy symptoms is hormones. The fluctuations in hormones can sensitize the nose to a variety of odors, and the odors are often the cause of the food aversion. The best way to deal with these early pregnancy symptoms is to take your prenatal vitamin on schedule every day to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs throughout your pregnancy. Then try to cater to your aversions and cravings as much as possible while sticking to a healthy diet as much as possible.

Oh, My Aching Back!
Most women won’t think about back problems as early pregnancy symptoms; after all, that extra weight hasn’t started packing it on just yet! Many books that talk about pregnancy symptoms week by week will also list low back pain in the later months of pregnancy as the growing baby begins to put a strain on the mother’s body. However, many women do experience low back pain as one of the early pregnancy symptoms as well. Once again, you can blame hormones for this discomfort as they prepare your joints and ligaments for the delivery of your baby at the end of your term.

There are many early pregnancy symptoms that can occur in the first few months. Some are well known, like morning sickness, fatigue and swollen breasts. Others make an appearance before many women expect them, like food aversions and low back pain. If you are ever concerned about any of the early pregnancy symptoms you experience, talk to your doctor.