Understanding your Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women, but it can also be a time that is wrought with anxiety and uncertainty. One way to feel more comfortable with your pregnancy is to educate yourself about the changes that both you and your baby will experience in the upcoming months. By tracking pregnancy symptoms week by week, you can stay up to date on what is typical throughout your pregnancy and when to worry about particular symptoms that may crop up.

The First Trimester
The first trimester will see a lot of changes to your body due to the fluctuating hormones that will prepare you for the job of caring for that growing baby inside. Because of this, pregnancy symptoms week by week will come fast and furious, from nausea and fatigue to swollen breasts and an aching back. This is a good time to stay abreast of the changes that might take place and if any unusual pregnancy symptoms appear, you can call your doctor. The pregnancy symptoms week by week during this time will vary slightly from woman to woman, with some experiencing the symptoms at slightly different times and others not seeing some of the pregnancy signs at all.

The Middle Trimester
Most women find these three months to be the most comfortable and enjoyable of the entire pregnancy term. Your abdomen is growing sufficiently so you can flaunt your pregnant status with pride, but the week by week pregnancy symptoms that appeared during the first trimester often ease up or even disappear during this time. This is a good point to get as much rest as you possibly can, since the next phase of pregnancy will see the reappearance of many physical symptoms as well as the surfacing of brand new ones.

The Last Trimester
Once again the pregnancy symptoms week by week will begin to fluctuate, as your abdomen grows to a challenging size and the hormones kick in once again to prepare your body for the work of labor and delivery. Fatigue becomes a problem as sleep is an elusive prospect during this time; partly because an extended belly makes comfort almost impossible, and partly because the anxiety and excitement over what is to come is making it hard to relax. Increased urination comes back as well, this time because of the enlarged abdomen instead of simple hormone fluctuations. All of the pregnancy symptoms week by week are getting the body ready for the safe and healthy delivery of your healthy baby very soon.

Pregnancy is a time of many changes for your body. By keeping track of pregnancy symptoms week by week and alerting your doctor to any unusual pregnancy symptoms, you can survive your pregnancy months with as much confidence and peace of mind as possible.