Some Teen Pregnancy Facts To Teach Your Child

The best way to prevent your teen from getting pregnant or from getting anyone else pregnant is to educate him or her on some teen pregnancy facts. Such facts include teen pregnancy prevention, the consequences, how his or her life will drastically change and more. The idea is to paint a very clear picture to your child that teen pregnancy is no joke. It’s a very real possibility each and every time they have sex. If you’re afraid to talk to your teen about teen pregnancy facts, you need to realize that they are going to be exposed to sex and sex talk. You just have to decide if you want that talk to come from you or from their peers where they may get skewed or wrong information. Have that talk with your teen and teach him or her teen pregnancy facts so they can hold onto their youth and grow into responsible adults.

Preventing Pregnancy

Before you start with teen pregnancy facts, you need to discuss sex with your teen. This talk may be uncomfortable for all involved, for both the teens and the adults, but it is necessary. You can start off by telling your teen that one day they are going to be in a situation where sex may come up or where there’s a chance to have sex. It’s at this point that you want to tell your teen to stop and tell you what he or she would do. How would your teen prevent pregnancy even when faced with the desire and temptation of sex?

How It Happens

You will never know if your teen knows all the teen pregnancy facts, such as how a woman gets pregnant, unless you ask. Knowing what your teen knows and filling his or her head with the correct information regarding teen pregnancy facts will help prevent teenage pregnancy in the future.

How Life Will Change

Once you’ve described teen pregnancy facts from a first person perspective, you should also ask your teen what he or she would do if teenage pregnancy did happen. Teen pregnancy facts should include topics such as how their lives will change drastically, how their youth will essentially be stolen from them, and how they will be caring for a new life. This means a constant, lifetime commitment to that child.

If you present teen pregnancy facts to your teen and you ingrain in their minds the fact that teenage pregnancy is a life changing event, hopefully they’ll make good decisions in the future and they’ll save pregnancy for sometime when they get older.