Teaching Your Child About Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Being a teen is hard work. Your body’s changing, your hormones are raging, you may be having an identity crisis and it’s no accident that these years are called the ‘awkward years’. Another difficult thing that teens go through is peer pressure and temptation, especially about sex. Teens are going to experiment with sex and they are even going to have sex and there’s nothing parents or teachers can do about it. If they want to do it, they’re going to do it. However, if they are going to have sex they can at least practice some teen pregnancy prevention. This is where teachers and parents can make a difference. It’s all about education and letting your teen know that you, as a parent, can always be turned to for teen pregnancy help.

Not Alone

Teens can oftentimes feel as though they’re alone in the world. They may feel that nobody understands them or that there’s nobody else going through the same things; but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Let your teen know that they’re not alone. There are others in the world who are going through the same things and you, as the parent, have probably gone through much of it yourself. Teen pregnancy prevention begins by letting your child that what they’re feeling is normal. Everyone goes through it: The feeling of helplessness, of low self esteem, of facing decisions they’re not mature enough to handle, such as sex.

Birth Control

If your teen is having sex or thinking about having sex, you may never, ever know it. Your teen isn’t likely to come to you to ask about teen pregnancy prevention or to tell you about what’s going to happen on prom night at the hotel your teen has booked. Teens have sex, they experiment with sex, and this is all natural. As a parent, however, you need to teach your child teen pregnancy prevention such as how to use birth control, which birth control methods work better than others and you need to implant the idea in their heads that if they don’t have birth control they shouldn’t have sex.

Teen pregnancy prevention takes a lot of love, a lot of understanding and a lot of teaching from you, the parent. If you don’t take the time to talk to your child about teen pregnancy prevention, you may end up raising two children: your teen and the baby she’s about to have.