Teenage Pregnancy Rates Keep Going Up

It is very sad to see the teenage pregnancy rates are consistently rising in this country. In fact, this country has the highest level of teenage pregnancy rates according to a recent study. Why are our teenagers having so many babies? Mainly it’s due to a lack of education. Not formal education per se, but education regarding the effects of teenage pregnancy and how this can affect the rest of their lives. Kids just don’t seem to make a correlation between their actions today and the results of those actions tomorrow. It’s up to us as parents and adults to teach our teenagers to not respond to peer pressure and to respect their bodies and also to think of their futures.

Sexual Education Is The Main Cause Of Rising Teenage Pregnancy Rates

The main problem facing our society and the main cause of rising teenage pregnancy rates is a lack of education. Sexual education will teach kids what sex is, how it affects our bodies, it will teach them about the various forms of birth control and how to use those forms of contraception and it will also teach them how sex can cause a rise in teenage pregnancy rates and how this will affect their future. Some schools don’t teach sexual education for whatever reason. Some reasons are due to religious beliefs and some schools and parents also believe that teaching kids about sex will make them have sex. That’s just ludicrous. The fact is that without education, teenage pregnancy rates will continue to rise.

Teach About Peer Pressure To Reduce Teenage Pregnancy Rates

You must also teach your kids about peer pressure. A teenager could be the most educated kid on the block, with all sorts of knowledge about sex and the affects of sex, and they could see the rise in teenage pregnancy rates and they could even know that it’s unacceptable, but that same teen may have unprotected sex due to peer pressure. Peer pressure is one of the most powerful forces imaginable. To combat peer pressure, you should teach your teenagers to recognize peer pressure and also how to respond to it. Tell them to walk away. It won’t be easy but they must see that peer pressure does nothing for them and that it will only cause them to do something stupid, such as add to the rising teenage pregnancy rates.

Our children are our future; yet so many of them are throwing their lives away by engaging in risky behavior and thus adding to the teenage pregnancy rates epidemic. Teach your kids about sex, have that talk and hopefully they’ll wait till they’re older so that they can have kids when they are mentally and financially ready to do so.