The Various Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy

Everyday you read in the news how teenage pregnancy rates are increasing. Why is this happening? There are several factors involved. The factors include children developing at earlier ages, the prevalence of sex in our daily culture as well as educational factors. The fact is that the causes of teenage pregnancy are mostly due to a lack of education. This is where the parents should be playing a bigger role. Instead of relying on the schools to educate your teens on the causes of teenage pregnancy, you should talk to your children to make sure they don’t engage in any behavior that could negatively affect the rest of their lives.

Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy:Development

It’s not difficult to notice that children are developing quicker than they have in any other time in history. Little girls are menstruating at nine or ten, and males are growing facial hair at eleven or twelve. Why is this the case? Some blame the hormones in the meat and other foods we eat, and some blame the environment. Whatever the cause for this phenomenon, we still need to teach our kids that even though they may be getting adult features, and developing adult like urges, they are still children and need to act like children.

Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy:Culture

It’s also not difficult to see that sex is everywhere in our culture. You can’t go five minutes without seeing or hearing about sex on TV, in movies, in the news, in magazines, and even in books our children read. Sex is absolutely everywhere, it’s in your face and there is nothing we can do about it. Kids know more today than kids their age new in previous generations. While we can’t do anything about this, we can teach them about sex and give them the knowledge they need to act respectfully, appropriately and to save sex for when they’re older.

Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy: Peer Pressure

knowledge about sex can prevent many of the causes of teenage pregnancy but peer pressure could still cause your child to engage in risky behavior. Peer pressure is a very powerful force that can cause kids, and even adults, to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Therefore, education is key in preventing teenage pregnancy but education can also help your children realize that their actions have consequences and that they should think about those consequences before they act.

Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy:Education

Education, or lack thereof, is one of the main causes of teenage pregnancy. Teach your kids about sex. Teach your kids to respect their bodies, their minds and make sure they save themselves for when they’re older or else they run the risk of ruining their childhood and this could affect the rest of their life.