Exercise After Pregnancy For Cesarean Birth

Cesarean birth often happens these days. Although it represents only a small percentage of childbirth, there are also some women who prefer this method of giving birth due to scheduling the date and time of birth. Exercise after pregnancy can not happen immediately after a caesarean birth due mainly to the constraints that the operation presents. If a woman wishes to exercise after pregnancy and she had a caesarean birth, she would have to wait for several months before any rigorous forms of exercise. There are some exercises after pregnancy that can be done by a woman who gave birth via caesarean section. These exercises after pregnancy would have to be recommended by your doctor and dome with utmost care even with the recommendation.

Recommended Exercises After Pregnancy

Walking is something that you can carry over from your exercise while pregnant as your exercise after pregnancy. You can actually start walking gently and moderately after you are discharged from the hospital after your caesarean section. Do not over exert yourself especially if it is just within six weeks of your caesarean section. Many doctors do not recommend strenuous exercise after pregnancy within six weeks of childbirth especially if you have given birth via caesarean section. You can increase your walking time and intensity after the six weeks but still with the recommendation of your doctor.

Pelvic and abdominal exercises after pregnancy are also highly recommended by many doctors and health practitioners. These kinds of exercises help to strengthen the muscles in the area and also hasten the recovery of the wound. Pelvic and abdominal exercises are recommended a week or two after the surgery and done with utmost care. If there is level of pain, it is best to discontinue the exercise and leave it for the next week. An exercise after pregnancy that has something to do with the pelvis and the abdominals works best if done slowly.

Examples of pelvic and abdominal exercises after pregnancy and a caesarean section are contracting your tummy. This initial exercise after pregnancy can set the stage for further more intense exercises after you have fully recovered from the caesarean section. You can also try lifting your pelvis ever so slowly off the floor. Do be careful regarding the pain and overdoing it.

To be able to exercise after pregnancy well and effectively, you must recognize your limits and the risk that you have by pushing yourself to do things.