The Benefits Of Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy is not as fragile as others may lead you to believe, although, there are many cases where the pregnant woman should take special care of herself and her condition to warrant bed rest. Pregnancy exercise is something that many pregnant women do even up to their eighth or ninth month, depending on how fit they are initially. There are some pregnancy exercises that are suitable for those who are not fit initially while other pregnancy exercises are for women who really exercise before they even got pregnant.

Kinds Of Pregnancy Exercises

There are several kinds of pregnancy exercises that are suitable for women with minimum to maximum levels of exercise ability. Prenatal yoga is a pregnancy exercise that many women do whether they are initially fit or not. The reason for this is that prenatal yoga does not stress the body too much (especially for beginners) and there are levels with this kind of yoga that can segregate who have had yoga before they got pregnant. Many also agree that prenatal yoga can help the body accommodate the changes it goes through during pregnancy which is why it is best to start this as early as possible.

Walking is yet another pregnancy exercise that many women do since this is probably the easiest and the least expensive of all. Jogging and running are possible but only in the earlier months and only if you have been doing this for more than several months before you got pregnant and with a medical practitioner’s supervision and recommendation. In all, after the third month, running and jogging are not advisable at all, so walking will have to do as your pregnancy exercise. If you have not been walking regularly before your pregnancy, it is best to start with just a few hundred meters or so to make sure you can handle the feat.

Another pregnancy exercise is just to stretch. There are many different stretches for the body, the most effective for pregnant women are side bends, side stretches and calf raises. Stretching during pregnancy is similar to prenatal yoga which conditions your body for the upcoming changes. It is advised that pregnant women start slow and carefully when doing stretches or any other pregnancy exercise.

A pregnancy exercise should be done with care no matter how easy it may seem. Although, a pregnancy is not as fragile as many believe it to be, it is best to be safe than sorry.