The Answer For Women On The Question Why Cant I Get Pregnant?

Being pregnant and having children is one of the most magical things in the world. However there are some women that have difficulty getting pregnant. Having difficulties getting pregnant can be extremely hard not only on the woman but on the couple in general. These are all very important to consider before assuming that there is a serious fertility problem.

Often time women who have trouble getting pregnant actually don’t have anything wrong with them and are just having intercourse at the wrong times. A woman must know when she’s ovulating if she wants to stand the best chances of getting pregnant. Of course there are those people who seem to have intercourse just a few times and end up pregnant, but for most women they must be right on track and having sex the exact times of ovulation. It can be hard to determine your cycle and when you ovulate each month because each woman is so different from the next.

The average woman has a cycle that lasts 28 days which means that around the 28 day mark she will be ovulating. Most women ovulate about two weeks after menstruation but there are some women who have an irregular cycle and they usually find it quite difficult to conceive. If you follow this rule chances are you can get pregnant, unless your cycle is out of whack and in this case you may need to talk to your doctor. They will be able to use different tests and calculators to help you get a better idea on your cycle and improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Smoking is another common cause of infertility. If you’re having troubles conceiving and think this may be the problem, it’s best to give up smoking. Especially if you and your partner are both smokers, this can very well be the problem as this can lower energy levels, lower a man’s sperm count and reduce your fertility. Age is another common contributing factor to fertility problems in women.

When you’re young in your twenties you’re extremely fertile and your fertility starts to decrease as you get older. Starting around the age of thirty it can be much more difficult for a woman to get pregnant, which is why it’s best to have children between the ages of twenty and thirty. The risks of birth defects and other problems increase as a woman ages. This is something that no woman wants to have to go through, but there are so many different ways to improve fertility these days that you should stay positive and hopeful.